Expect YOUR Best

Yasmin Kashfipour
3 min readMar 1, 2020
Expecting a life of adventure, love, and passion in all that I do with the life I am given and graciously get to live, everyday.

So you may be wondering why I have been on a long, overdue hiatus… and you have every right, but I have been having some internal battles with myself lately and needed to resolve those before I put pen to paper… or I guess in this case, hands to keyboard — because you all deserve the best of me and I appreciate your patience.

I always tell anyone when we first meet that I am not easy, but I promise I am worth it; mainly because I know I can be a handful and hard to deal with at times — mostly due to my expectations being as high as the tallest skyscraper in the world, but I also know I have all the love in this world to give.

Expectations are a funny thing; they tell us as children to set high standards for ourselves and not to settle for less than our expectations deem, but then we are also told not to have too high of expectations so we do not lose opportunities along the way, although I am convinced they say that so you don’t end up dying alone (this is up for interpretation).

What are expectations to me? Expectations are our own internal battles that we have with ourselves. We choose to have expectations because it keeps us from making extreme decisions in the eyes of others and in our own eyes, as well. For this reason, every individual will view expectations with a different lens than yours, and I am here to set the record straight — that it is okay.

It’s okay to set your bar so high that some may question if you are Oprah Winfrey. Guess what, you ARE Oprah — be your own Oprah and stick with the expectations you set for yourself and if you ever get stuck, ask yourself: “What would Oprah do?” Okay.. I’m done with the Oprah analogies.

Yes. My expectations are probably as high as the Burj Khalifa. Yes, they are probably insane to some people, maybe even Oprah. Yes, they cause me to overthink and maybe sometimes make irrational decisions, but they allow for me to perform my best for all life’s curveballs, and more importantly they do not need to make sense to anyone, but me. In every situation, whether your expectations are outlandish or conventional, allow your expectations to allow you to be your truest self and a reflection of your belief system. Deviating from this could allow others to question your character and intentions.

Expect your internal battles — they’re inevitable. They WILL happen. They will make you contemplate, but they also allow you to check in with yourself and constantly improve. I truly believe that expectations have a life span, meaning — as we age and learn we put away some expectations and some grow further and deeper. It’s okay to have some grow in depth and be more challenging as the years pass by, but to also stand by them and never let anyone tell you that your expectations are too high. Look, no one can set your expectations for you and you should not allow other’s words influence your expectations, just being blunt here.

The most important thing is to respect expectations, whether they be your own or others — understanding that it is a combination of morals, values, and internal battles that allows for individuals to set these in order to protect themselves.

My expectations can be far out. They can definitely be irrational at times. They may also allow for me to lose some opportunities that come my way, but standing firm in my expectations, knowing what I deserve and never settling for less than that is what my expectations do for me. I am proud of mine & you should be proud of yours too — no matter how corny, offbeat, or hysterical. They are YOURS and you deserve to be proud of that.

I hope you get the opportunity to love and appreciate your expectations as I have come to do over the years, but to also share a few with someone important in your life; giving just a little more insight as to what makes you YOU.

With Love, Yas



Yasmin Kashfipour

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