Faith over Fear

Yasmin Kashfipour
3 min readJun 30, 2020

“Faith over Fear” — I have been sitting and thinking about these words in different contexts lately. Some may think of faith over fear in light of the pandemic; choosing to stay home or go out and risk illness, but I want to talk about it in the context of the world, for right now.

I would be lying if I said I was always a believer in faith. At some point in time, it felt silly to put my trust in the unknown, but then I also would be putting my fear in the unknown, as well; so it dawned on me that I really had to sit and think about the perspective I wanted to have.

Now, for some, change initiates fear — again, fear of the unknown and fear of the disruption of life. Fear is an easy concept to give into; falling into the consumption of one’s thoughts, anxieties, and negativities that surround us. Fear is also an emotion that can be easily passed through the media and negative people, so I suggest cutting toxicity out in order to keep fear far away.

I think it is safe to say that this pandemic has truly tested everyone’s limits: physically, emotionally, mentally. Some days fear is heightened more than others when we hear of a loved one physically ill, or that unemployment is rising, or the racial injustices we are seeing in our country. Instead of seeing all of this as a negative behind another negative; I am starting to see these all as a sign that our world NEEDS and is responding to change, and this my friends — is a good thing. Whether new policies need to be implemented, new research and vaccines conducted, or new leadership needs to step in; change in this case will hopefully give our world the positive outcomes it needs.

This year has really tested my own limits, personally. Not all were positive and not all were negative either. Some taught me I needed to focus more on myself. Some taught me to redirect my attention to other aspects of my life. I constantly have to remind myself to put my fears aside and choose to be faithful to keep my spirits up. Some days are easier than others, but hey, it’s all a journey; optimism does not strike overnight ;)

I’m currently reading Manifest Your Destiny by Dr. Wayne Dyer (I’ve linked the book on Amazon, for all my readers out there — also free on audiobook). *Sidenote: For those of you that do not know, Dr. Dyer is one of my favorite authors and motivational speakers of all time. If I was able to have dinner with anyone, it would be him! Anyways, I digress. Dr. Dyer was definitely a spiritual man, but also one that taught upon reason; not just teaching about spirituality, religion, and faith. In fact, he had never admitted his religion of any sorts in his novels. Instead, he addresses the concepts of faith with regards to building and living a positive life.

Another great resource that I have been been an avid supporter of has been the Five Minute Journal. Accountability and routine are usually two concepts I have down PAT, but during the pandemic, I have not established much of a routine and have chosen to give myself grace during this unpredictable time. My five minute journal has allowed me to keep myself somewhat accountable though, in order to write down the positives in my life and what would make my day great— choosing to focus my attention on the positives instead of harping on the negative energy around.

Keeping the faith alive when our world is sick is crucial to seeing positive change. As much disappointment that arises during these times; I still choose to have faith in our world; faith in good people and that good things are coming. This is what Faith over Fear means to me.

I hope you are all continuing to stay safe, being with your loved ones, and participating in activities that bring you joy & inspiration.

And remember: In the wise words of Disney, “All you need is faith, trust, and a little pixie dust” friends :)

With Love, Yas



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