Home for the Holidays

Yasmin Kashfipour
2 min readDec 14, 2020

*Cue Andy Williams — It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Christmas truly is the greatest time of year; the hustling and bustling of busy shoppers, baking up gingerbread storms in the kitchen, and the coziness of footie pajamas by a fire with a classic seasonal movie(okay maybe that’s just me). I can’t get enough of it!!!!

Traditionally, Christmas is centered around family in the Kash House. With fully decked halls and a towering white/silver “Winter Wonderland” tree; my mom (a true Christmas QUEEN) has made sure to keep pockets and pieces of our childhood christmases, which makes decorating together, that much more special and filled with memories. We are also quite the Christmas Eve-ers; taking Christmas day to relax, but seems Santa always likes to make an early appearance, so we obviously cannot keep the gifts waiting for us any longer ;)

This year, many families’ traditions have been challenged, some broken, and some new ones made. Without giving too much away right before the holidays, let’s just say we are going to make “presence” and bringing joy in the smallest, yet biggest of ways! I hope you have the opportunity to make the holiday season special, in your own way.

Home for the holidays was a saying I always thought was more of a pun, but now I would just like to thank whoever the clever genius was that established this famous holiday tagline, because I’m hooked on it and a true believer. I am blessed beyond measure to have family close by. For this reason, home never seems to be far away.. but this year, I have thought about home in the sense of the people that constitute one and it’s truly a feeling, not a place.

We all have people who feel like home to us — I’m lucky that I get to spend my holiday season with them this year. I’ve also had the privilege of extending my circle of home a bit more this year and that makes me wake up grateful each and every day.

This may not have been the year we all expected. The holiday season we were hoping for. Or the ending of 2020 that we anticipated — but I am confident that HOME is where I want to be for the holidays.

I wish you & your loved ones the most joyous and magical holiday season.

With Love, Yas

P.S. wanted to share a few Kash family holiday traditions & hope you’ll share yours

  • Home Alone Marathon(s)
  • Matching Christmas Pajamas
  • Gingerbread House Decorating
  • Christmas Classics — HUGE Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby fans!!!
  • Christmas Cocktail Contest — this will be a new one this year :) (Cast your vote — which family member do you think will make the best cocktail)



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