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Yasmin Kashfipour
3 min readAug 26, 2020

Life as of late…

Well I’m sure you can guess that due to the lack of writing I have done, it has been pretty busy. I think the two words that I would use to describe life as of late are: monumental and momentous.

I was able to experience the Eastern Shore for a few weeks — one of the blessings that COVID-world has brought upon us all, is the luxury to travel domestically and be able to extend a vacation since everyone is working remote, anyways! What’s a few more days, right?

One of the many reasons I absolutely love the Eastern Shore is due to the fact that you can be in the countryside of Maryland to Annapolis to Ocean City in a few hours time; the same works for being in Maryland, to Delaware, to DC, and Virginia. What I loved most about this trip however, was the simplest of times: dancing with the sweetest grandfather, singing very off-key to Louis Prima, and crushing cornhole and card games with the masters themselves.

With my dad having been raised on a farm, I guess you could say it is in my DNA to love and appreciate country life — wide open fields, horses and other farm animals, and not a skyscraper in sight. Matt was able to take me out on the ATV all along the roads, passing through the corn fields, watching the sunset, riding jet skis, and chatting while waterside. The world seemed so distant at that time, I could count on my fingers the number of times I took a good look at my phone. It was truly heaven on Earth.

I guess you could say life on the Eastern Shore was filled with moments that took my breath away. I won’t reveal too much more, but all I know is I keep reminiscing and planning our next trip!

With this being the first trip of the year, it felt natural and stress free; as if a sense of normality had rushed into my life. Coming back to terms with reality and losing vacation mode definitely hit the gut — but I was re-energized and came back with more love in my heart.

In the pre-COVID days, traveling was one of my passions and something that I was picking up more on as time passed by — planning a few trips every couple of months, even if they were weekend getaways; they were something that made my heart happy. Being COVID conscious has changed the way traveling occurs, but in a way it makes me more conscious of how I am spending my time, who I am spending it with, and enjoying those moments. Traveling was my safe haven and is one of the activities that I feel safest partaking in during this time, ironically.

As summer soon comes to a close, I hope you all were able to take a mini road trip and experience a little sense of normality and adventure again — whether it was by yourself or with those you love. I am truly trying to adopt a bit more Eastern shore life in me by being more intentional, spending more time laughing & giving myself the grace I need to be my best self. I hope you will take some of these and apply them in your life & who knows — maybe you’ll adopt some of the Eastern shore too :)

Ocean City, Maryland- 2020

With Love, Yas



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